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There’s no reward for loyalty from business energy suppliers. Reduce one of your biggest overheads and put more hard-earned cash on your bottom line.

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  • Roughly 1-in-3 businesses are in a position to switch energy suppliers at any given time.
  • Businesses that switch typically shave an average of 30% off their bills.
  • As well as the well-known ‘Big Six’ suppliers, the business energy market has a wide range of others to choose from EG Opus, Haven, CNG, Gazprom, Total, Corona & Dual Energy.
  • Perhaps that’s why half of businesses say they find it impossible to compare prices across different suppliers without help.
  • In order to switch, business contracts need to be terminated in writing before they come to an end - with some suppliers insisting on as much as 90 days notice.
  • 8 out of 10 businesses say they either don’t receive or can’t recall receiving renewal letters to remind them when their notice period is ending.

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