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What is Make It Cheaper’s bespoke business energy service?
In addition to our business gas and electricity switching service, we offer a bespoke, personalised, and completely free service for businesses with more complex energy needs. This complexity may arise from a business's large consumption of energy, the need for a new meter or energy supply or a multi-site gas and electricity requirement. Not only do we save time and money by shopping around for bespoke quotes from a range of suppliers, we also take care of the administration of the new contract. Find out more about our Major Business service
Is this service impartial?
We speak to you on the telephone in order to understand your business's unique energy needs. After we have established this, we use this information to approach a number of different suppliers for a new business energy quote. We will then advise you of the range of different prices and contract terms we have found so that you can make an informed decision about your company's future energy supply.
I need a new energy meter installed at my business premises. Can you help?
Yes. Make It Cheaper offers new gas and electricity meter installation, upgrade, alteration, relocation, exchange, testing, disconnection and decommissioning. Whatever your location or operational requirements, we produce a detailed, tailored quote that meets the individual needs of your business. Call our Major Business team directly on 0800 652 4247.
Can you consolidate energy bills for multiple business sites into one bill?
Yes. If your business operates on multiple sites, this means you have multiple meters and multiple bills. More significantly, you may have multiple suppliers and multiple contract end dates - which all need to be noted and acted upon to avoid rolling over onto inflated rates. Getting all your bills combined into one is possible, but it is complicated and time-consuming to administer. Our major business team not only does the legwork involved at no cost, we also find you contracts and rates from a range of different suppliers so that you can make a decision that makes the most financial sense for your business. Read more about our multi-site solution service
How much money can I save by switching my business energy through Make It Cheaper?
The amount you can save will depend on the nature of your current contract or contracts. However, we can typically ensure your business makes a 30% saving on future energy bills. We also remove the time and hassle from the switching process so that you can concentrate on making money through running your business. We are also proactive about getting in touch with you when your next renewal window opens, ensuring that you do not roll over onto punitive rates and have the opportunity to compare contracts and potentially switch again. To find out what we can do for you, call our Major Business team directly on 0800 652 4247.
In what other ways can Make It Cheaper help my business save money?
As the saving experts for business, we offer services that can help you reduce a number of other overheads, including business broadband, business landline, mobile phones, chip and pin and business insurance.

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