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Keep more of your credit and debit card payments
It's easy to switch your chip and pin provider with Make It Cheaper - and we'll cut your transaction fees by up to 20%.
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I realised we could ditch the old provider without the hassle of changing banks. Now, whenever a customer pulls out a credit card, I’m no longer secretly irritated about how much it’s going to cost me!"
- Liz Jefferson, Doodie Stark clothing boutique, Lindfield Read Liz's saving story
Why should I accept card payments in my business?
Accepting card payments in your business gives customers more opportunity to buy. Most spenders actively expect to be able to use their credit or debit cards in virtually all transactions – so if you don’t offer this facility, you could effectively be turning customers away. What could be more frustrating than that? A customer may also make a larger purchase in your establishment if you can accommodate a transaction that amounts to more than he or she happens to be carrying in cash.
How can you help my business save money on chip and pin?
As a business that accepts card payments, you will pay a terminal rental charge, a percentage of every credit card transaction, a fixed amount for every debit card transaction and other mandatory charges that can easily be missed on your potentially over-complicated merchant services bills. Our experts can fully dissect your bill, identify the areas where you can save and provide you with a fully detailed, personalised quote. Read more about this subject here
How much money can you save my business through switching my merchant services?
The amount that you can save will depend on a number of factors, including the amount your customers spend, the average size of transactions and the split between credit and debit card payments. However, we can typically reduce your bills by 20 per cent.
Hold on, don’t I have to open my merchant services account with my business banking partner?
No. This is a common assumption – and banks are often accused of overcharging because many of their business customers are not aware that they can shop around and switch merchant services. If you hold a business banking account with HSBC, for example, you are free to open a merchant services account with any other acquiring bank.
How quickly can you have me up and running?
If you decide to go ahead and set up a new, improved merchant services contract with Make It Cheaper, we’ll send you some papers to sign and your new terminals should be fully operational within two weeks. This is a major advantage because most high street banks take four to six weeks to set up merchant accounts.
What services does Make It Cheaper offer besides switching my chip and pin services?
As the saving experts for business, we offer a free, impartial price comparison service for a number of business contracts. These include business gas, business electricity, business landline and business broadband. We also source commercial insurance policies through our sister company Make It Cheaper Financial Services. We guarantee to save your business at least £1000 if you switch three contracts with us – and if we do come up short, we’ll pay the difference with no quibbles.

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