Business energy for larger companies

Make It Cheaper's bespoke business energy procurement service for major UK businesses.

Make It Cheaper understands that energy procurement is often not only costly but is also a complex and time-consuming task for many businesses. Alongside our energy switching service for smaller businesses, we offer a bespoke service for larger organisations through our dedicated large business team.

Our major business experts deal with the added complexities that come with a larger demand for gas and electricity, whether this is in one location or on multiple sites throughout the UK.

We are dedicated to helping larger users negotiate the best prices and contract terms for their gas and electricity - saving customers an average of 30% on their annual bill and hours of time contacting suppliers for prices and administrative purposes.

Our Major Business services

Make It Cheaper's bespoke services for larger businesses cover the following areas:

  • Half-hourly electricity procurement. We analyse your half-hourly electricity data and use this understanding to secure quotes that are bespoke to your business and its energy needs.
  • Bespoke non-half-hourly electricity and gas procurement. We offer bespoke quotes to energy-intensive businesses. We incorporate your particular requirements - flexible billing and payment solutions, for example - when approaching our supplier panel.
  • Multi-site procurement. We simplify the complex process of managing multi-site energy procurement by offering a wide range of group energy solutions including group buying and combined site purchasing.
  • Siteworks. Whatever your location or operational requirements, we have the expertise to supply and manage your business energy meter installations and connections.

Our promise

In keeping with our company values, we promise that our Major Business service meets the following criteria:

  • Comprehensive supplier panel. We will offer bespoke prices from a wide range of suppliers. These prices are 100 per cent tailored to your needs.
  • Flexible solutions. We can deliver bespoke pricing and payment solutions as well as half-hourly electricity procurement and multi-site management.
  • Customer care. We will manage your switch from start to finish, keeping you informed and updated throughout the process.
  • Account management. We provide a named account manager as your single point of contact who can provide as much or as little support required throughout your switch and the term of your contract.

To talk about a bespoke quote and saving up to 30% on your business gas and electricity bills, call our Major Business team on 0800 140 4695.

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