New gas meter installation: what you need to know

Heidi Procter

In this guide, our metering expert, Heidi Procter, takes you through the information you'll need to tell us to set up the installation of a new gas meter.


Do you have the Meter Point Reference Number (MPR/MPRN)?

If you have an MPR already, it will be on the connection paperwork from National Grid, or would have been sent to you separately. If you have moved into a premises with an existing supply, call XOSERVE on 0870 608 1524 to find out the MPR for the premises. If you do not have an MPR, you can contact National Grid and ask for one to be created for the supply.

Is this a new supply?

If you move into a premises with an existing supply, it will need be checked because it may have been disconnected. This means asking National Grid to perform a 'Live or Dead' check, which can be arranged by contacting them directly. The supply will also need a further check before installation, to determine the capacity of the supply and make sure it is adequate for your needs. This usually takes 15 working days to be completed.

When do you require a meter?

The process for having a gas meter installed is faster than an electricity installation. Upon agreeing a contract with a supplier, they will usually fit the meter in 5 working days. Therefore we advise as a minimum looking for a new quotation at least 2 weeks before you need the installation.

What are the maximum gas requirements?

This is typically stated as a maximum hourly load or annual load. It is the total amount of gas in KWH that your appliances could ever use in an hour. This can be obtained from a CORGI registered engineer or may have been advised by national grid. This can be provided in a number of different measurements e.g. KWH, BTU, cubic meters, cubic feet. You can also find this information by looking on the data badge on each appliance or in the manufacturer handbook and adding the totals together.

Does the meter need to be internal or external?

If the supply pipework enters the building, then the meter will be internally located. If the pipes terminate outside the premises, you will need an external meter. Suppliers are able to provide meter housing for this, but you may find that the distributor is already providing this.

What is the service pressure of the supply?

It will usually be Low or Medium Pressure, however it could be Intermediate or High Pressure. You will need to check with the pipework installer, as it will make a difference to any installation quotations you receive. The higher the pressure of the supply, the more expensive the meter will be. However, the cost of gas will remain the same, regardless of the pressure of the supply.

The phone number for National Grid General Enquiries is 0845 0700 203 (choose option 1).

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