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How can you help save my business money on electricity?
Our free and impartial service compares the whole business electricity market to find the best deal available to you. This will depend on a number of factors, including your level of electricity consumption and the nature of your current contract. Once you’ve switched or set up a new contract, you’ll know that you’re minimising your electricity costs and the saving you’re making effectively goes straight to profit. If you set up an electricity contract with Make It Cheaper, we also make sure that you do not automatically ‘roll over’ onto an inflated rate when your fixed-term contract comes to an end.
How exactly does your electricity switching service work?
Just a few minutes on the phone is all that’s normally required to understand your business electricity needs. You can either call us or request a call back by completing the form on this page. We’ll ask for some information about the contract you have with your current supplier. If you’re in a review period, we’ll assess the business electricity market and present you with the contract options available. If you decide to switch or set up a contract, we’ll take care of the administration for you. If you are not in a review period, we’ll talk to you about the prospect of making a saving in the future and make a note to contact you at the appropriate time.
How much can I save if I use your business electricity switching service?
A number of factors will determine what you can save – and we genuinely can’t tell you until you get in touch. However, on average we save businesses around £550 on their electricity bills. You could save more, particularly if you are paying ‘deemed’ or ‘rolled over’ rates. Not only will we help with your current contract, we’ll help you save in the future by letting you know when it’s time to sort out a new one. Suppliers are not always proactive about getting in touch with you about this because they make more money if you do nothing at the end of your contract.
How is my business electricity contract different to my domestic contract?
Domestic electricity contracts are generally 'rolling' contracts that don't have definitive end dates. This is the reason why customers can switch to other energy suppliers regularly to secure better prices for themselves. The key point about business energy contracts is that they are almost always fixed for a period of 1, 2 or 3 years, with no option of early cancellation. When the contract comes to an end, it’s up to the customer to renegotiate their contract – otherwise they will automatically ‘roll over’ onto rates that can be as much as 50% higher. Setting up a contract with Make It Cheaper safeguards you from what we call the ‘rollover trap’. Read more about this subject
Is your electricity switching service impartial?
Absolutely. Our mission is to help small to medium-sized businesses reduce their direct costs, giving them increased profit that can be re-invested or taken out of the company. We are not aligned to any one, two or three suppliers. The rates we compare come from the whole business electricity market, incorporating the ‘Big Six’ and many other smaller suppliers, some of whom specialise exclusively in business energy. Without our commitment to impartiality, we would not have been able to save UK businesses more than £200m since 2007.
What services does Make It Cheaper offer besides electricity contract switching?
We offer the same free impartial price comparison and contract switching service for the following areas of your business: gas, landline, broadband and merchant services. We can also source commercial insurance policies through our sister company Make It Cheaper Financial Services. We guarantee to save you at least £500 if you switch three contracts with us. Plus, we offer a free business energy problem-solving service for all business energy users, regardless of whether or not the contract was set up through Make It Cheaper.

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