Jul 02, 2012

How would you improve your business with a cash injection of £3000?

Weekly Small Business News Round-Up 05102012

Money for nothing: A call to Make It Cheaper could give your business a £3000 cash injection

If someone approached you tomorrow and said that they wanted to inject £3,000 into your business for no investment share and with no strings attached - just out of the kindness of their heart - what would you do with it?

You might whack it straight on the bottom line and increase your profit figure. But you're in business - you must have more imagination than that? Perhaps you'd upgrade a piece of equipment. Maybe you'd spend it on an advertising opportunity you've been mulling over. You might choose to spend it on training or even on employing a new member of staff. Have a think about it - and please let us what you would do with a comment at the end of this blog.

Whatever you're considering, the chances are that - in some way or another - it is going to improve the way you do business. In other words, it's going to make you money. You're figuring out if spending £3,000 will - or at least has the potential to - give you a return on your investment.

£3,000 isn't just a figure that's plucked out the air, but a figure that you could quite conceivably save by switching your suppliers for a range of utilities

This is what we feel Make It Cheaper can offer you - not just a chance to increase your profit, but a chance to improve your profitability. (Definition: 'The state or condition of yielding a financial profit or gain.') And £3,000 isn't just a figure that's plucked out the air, but a figure that you could quite conceivably save by switching your suppliers for a range of utilities. Depending on your consumption, you might save that much on gas and electricity alone - but throw our other saving opportunities into the mix (such as insurance, phone and broadband, merchant services and water) and there's every chance you'll be looking at a bigger sum, bigger profit and improved profitability.

Okay, so the £3,000 hasn't been handed you on a plate, but with a phone call to Make It Cheaper and a bit of admin (although we will do most of the legwork for you) you can start making actual plans for that cash injection. So go ahead, really, tell us what you're going to do with it.

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