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What does the virtual future hold for your business?

22/10/2014 12:46:46 by | Category: Opinion and comment
Guest blogger Daniel Sarath explains how businesses can take advantage of continuing advancements in the virtual world.

Easy energy saving tips to cut your business's bills

21/10/2014 16:46:53 by James McAllister | Category: Small business advice
Switching your business's energy supplier is only the start, as there are plenty of simple measures you can take to drive the cost of your bills down even further.

Small businesses continue to suffer as a result of rising costs

17/10/2014 16:35:28 by Kim Whitley | Category: SME News
The figures show that the majority of businesses are continuing to see their costs increase - and energy is one of the major culprits.

Leading insurer suggests businesses are gambling with their financial futures by not purchasing the necessary cover

09/10/2014 14:35:48 by Dan O'Sullivan | Category: SME News
Figures released by AXA Business Insurance indicate that businesses are underestimating the risks they’re exposed to, with many failing to purchase insurance they’re legally obliged to have in place.

Business gas prices are falling, but is this the good news it should be for Britain’s smaller firms?

29/09/2014 14:03:23 by Dan O'Sullivan | Categories: SME News, Opinion and comment
New figures released by the Department for Energy and Climate Change show that business gas prices have fallen by an average of 6.6% in the past year. Surely this can only be great news?

Your business tip of the month from Make It Cheaper: Share your screen using or Skype

22/09/2014 16:55:40 by Karla Alexander | Category: Small business advice
Never get confused again. and Skype can share your screen so that everyone is literally on the same page.

How will Ofcom’s new rules affect your phone and broadband switch?

17/09/2014 12:50:20 by Dan O'Sullivan | Category: SME News
Communications industry regulator Ofcom is introducing new rules designed to provide Britain’s microbusinesses with greater protection from phone and broadband suppliers.

Your business tip of the month from Make It Cheaper: Free 0800 numbers on your mobile

04/09/2014 15:01:20 by David Pallant | Category: Small business advice
This month's handy tip is to download a smartphone app that makes an 0800 number free to call.




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